How a Kid Friendly Dentist Makes Dental Trips Easier for Parents

Kid Friendly Dentist Marietta, GA

Dental trips can be tough with young children. The fact is visiting a new dentist for the first time is a new experience. However, kid friendly dentist can make dental trips far less intimidating for both children and their parents by offering a fun and relaxed environment in which children feel comfortable. 

Easier dental trips with a kid-friendly dentist

While convincing a child that the first trip to the dentist will be a fun experience may not be easy, parents can make the follow-up visits much easier by choosing a kid-friendly dentist, rather than a dentist that primarily works with adults. The following is a review of why to consider choosing a kid-friendly dentist for children's dental care. 

What is a kid-friendly dentist?

A kid-friendly dentist is a dentist that offers services specifically for children. They may also treat adult patients and may go under other titles such as “family dentist”, as well. However, what separates a kid-friendly dentist from the typical general dentist is the effort they put forth to keep kids comfortable during each visit. There are many ways in which they might do this (see below), and it often makes dental trips much easier for the parent, child, and the dental staff. 

How a kid-friendly dentist can deal with dental anxiety

There are many ways that a kid-friendly dentist might make their office more inviting. First, they ensure they have a friendly staff that understands how to keep kids calm and communicate well with them. Many also have colorful areas of the office or playrooms while children wait. Every kid-friendly dental practice, although they all strive to make dental trips easier for kids and parents. 

Tips for keeping a child calm and relaxed before a visit

Anytime we try something that is less familiar to us, it can cause us to feel nervous. The same goes for children visiting a new dentist. To keep children calm before a dental visit, inform them of what they can expect during the visit. Also, schedule at a convenient time when they are not having to rush to get ready for the appointment. 

What to expect during the first dental visit

Understanding what to expect makes dental trips for the child and the parent. While every visit is unique, the first consultation typically involves a quiet chat with the dentist, an oral examination, and non-invasive dental X-rays. Some kid-friendly dentists may recommend teeth cleaning on the same day as well if the child and parent are comfortable doing so. If not, a follow-up visit is scheduled for additional treatment. 

Discuss treatment from a kid-friendly dentist today

Kids are often hesitant to visit the dentist, especially if they feel intimidated or out of place. Our dental practice works hard to make children feel comfortable while they are in our office, and our friendly team genuinely enjoys working with our kid patients. Give us a call today or send us a message to schedule a kid-friendly consultation visit.

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