Am I a Candidate for Partial Dentures?

Partial Dentures Marietta, GA

Partial dentures are a great tool to improve your confidence and quality of life. They are removable artificial teeth, look realistic, and can be used for everyday tasks like eating and chewing. This allows people that need them to restore normalcy to their lives. In this guide, we will go over qualifications that make you a potential candidate for them and discuss steps that might need to be taken before they can be used.

Missing teeth

If you are missing some teeth, then you could qualify as a candidate. However, the state of the rest of your teeth is also an essential factor. Your remaining teeth must be strong and sturdy to help support the denture. Dentures are also the best option when you are missing multiple teeth that are not necessarily in a straight line. Dentures could still be used if only one tooth or a few consecutive teeth are missing, but an implant bridge might be a better option in that scenario. An implant bridge is a permanent, non-removable solution that uses implants inserted into the jawbone. However, it is usually much more expensive than dentures.

Damaged teeth

If you have damaged or decaying teeth, then partial dentures may be part of the solution. Any teeth that cannot be repaired or treated must first be pulled. Then dentures can be used to fill in the gaps in your mouth to complete your smile. It is best to consult with your dentist about whether any teeth need to be extracted.

Gum disease

If you have gum disease, some of your teeth might have loosened. In this case, they may need to be pulled, which would create gaps in your mouth that the denture could fix. However, before a denture could be worn, the gum disease would need to be treated so that other teeth do not loosen and support the denture. Again, you should consult your dentist about whether loose teeth need to be pulled or not.


If you get partial dentures, you must also put in the time and effort to maintain them regularly. To keep them from falling into disrepair or staining, you should remove them and gently clean them after each meal with a soft-bristled brush and a mild soap, as well as let them soak in warm water or a specially formulated soaking solution every night. It is essential to be consistent with keeping them free of bacteria. It is also imperative to be gentle because you can damage the components if you’re too harsh with them. It is not difficult to care for dentures, but as with teeth, it requires consistency.


For some people, missing teeth can erode their confidence. Getting dentures can bring back that confidence and give them a happier and healthier life with a full, new smile. If you’re uncomfortable with your smile because of any missing or damaged teeth, dentures might be the perfect fit for you.

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